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Tai Ji Quan – Forms

Tai Ji Quan Yi Symbol

Slow Set  

The first thing I’ll say is that all you wish to know about Tai Ji Quan is in the first part of the form.  Why do I say this?  Because it’s the first section you learn. The one you become acquainted with that you will repeat hundreds if not thousands of times. It becomes your friend by becoming part of you, you can take it anywhere. It can be performed in secret or out loud on a beach or mountain top.  Keep a photographic record and over the years you will have a portfolio of memories. 

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Fast set or Small Circle form

This is taught after the slow set and differs not only by going faster but by its distinctive jumps, kicks, stamps and unique moves! But is highlighted by a calm persona and slick Fa Jin.

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Jian or Double Edge Sword

Without a doubt a practical weapon done with elegance is a joy to perform and likewise to witness.  In today’s world to achieve this will take a considerable time and much practise, only with the Slow Set done to a high level will one be able to accomplish this.  When offered the opportunity take it with both hands, to learn the detail of strokes and angles of the sword, the agile footwork required, to deny yourself of  this chance would be a profanity!

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