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9th and 10th Principle Workshop

Tai Ji Quan Yi Symbol

Ninth and Tenth Principle

These 10 principles form a complete system to master before one moves onto the higher Martial Arts.   There are many thoughts about this and for me the idea in Tai Chi Quan (Supreme Ultimate Fist – Mian Quan – Cotton Fist) is achieved when the form and the formless merge and seek their own unique balance, easily adjusting to the changing winds of circumstance.  One never knows from where the next disturbance  will come from, or what it will feel like, and thus one’s journey through life must live in the spontaneity of each moment.  Push Hands is a paradigm of the natural and unpredictable activity of life itself.  Following this idea these 10 concepts of body and mind creating one comprehensive skilled unit have fascinated me since I started well over 30 years ago and still do.

The participating students of all levels and from a number of different groups had nothing but praise about the venue and the subject matter, with the evaluation sheets recording a resounding success on all levels.   This was our tenth year under the banner of Tai Ji Quan Yi and since our inauguration the number of students benefiting from the Art have increased year on year.

The website which has been developing well over the last few months has played a huge contributing factor in rise of participating students.  

David SiFu

Workshop Dates for 2018

Come September after the Residential future dates will be shown on the Information page to encourage students to forward plan their Tai Ji Quan journey.

Crane Exercise
2017 Residential – Group Shot


Parts of the Slow Set; Fast Set; Jian (Double Edge Sword) and group participation in the First Part of the Form.

For more information contact David S-Miller, Mobile 07713462556 Website;

9th and 10th Principle Workshop
9th and 10th Principle Workshop