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18 Tai Ji Qigongs

Tai Ji Quan Yi Symbol

SiFu David will release individual exercises relating to each of the 18 Tai Ji Qigongs which are Dao Yin, which means they are breathing exercises.

To begin with, it is important to understand the benefits of this set. In a nut shell, Dao Yin is an ancient method of health building, which combines regulated breathing with movement. There are many hundreds of such exercises but these 18 in particular will facilitate the understanding of the importance of synchronising the two. This timing will assist in training the mind as well as the body, the concentration needed to bind this combination is critical. In the Martial Art world as well as health building, attention to detail is paramount to preserve harmonisation thus maintaining equilibrium.

Each exercise will have a short film with an outline of the exercise and details of benefits of each exercise, starting with the lowest number up to suggested maximum. Ultimately, over the course of the next few months your will have access to a set of the 18 Tai Ji Qigongs to practice within in your own time.

The 18 Tai Ji Qigongs