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Slow Set

Tai Ji Quan Yi Symbol

Slow Set

The first thing I’ll say is that all you wish to know about TJQ is in the first part of the form.  Why do I say this?  Because it’s the first section you learn, the one you become acquainted with that you will repeat hundreds if not thousands of times, it becomes your friend by becoming part of you, you can take it anywhere, it can be performed in secret or out loud on a beach or mountain top.  Keep a photographic record and over the years you will have a portfolio of memories. 

One will also see incredible changes in your posture, style and ability.

Having completed the first part of the form and moved on to the second section it is essential to realise that there will be many repeats of certain sections of the first part, therefore, one must continue practising this with the mindfulness of being as accurate as possible, particularly with moves like single whip and push left and right.  You will not be alone with the thought that I’ll never get this by copying that example!  This advice was given to me many years ago and I wish I’d taken it, as it would have saved many years of struggle and rebuilding the form many times.  

How one practises is so important; I’ve taught many students about good practice. One, is to teach the body by isolating one limb at a time and finding its route. Centring oneself before stepping creates balance and pose and teaches elegance – remember this is an ART; making a good base is essential.  Another fact is, a straight back does not always mean vertical.