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Tai Ji Quan Yi Symbol

The Art of Tai Ji Quan (ATJQ) teaches the slow Long Yang Form, Qigong and various Relaxation techniques to include an Active Relaxation. The instruction is detailed and tailored to individual students. The theoretical aspects of this classical art encompass body biomechanics and understand how movement and exercise impact muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints with teaching referencing acupuncture points and Five Elements theory.

The curriculum has enormous scope to interest most students with extended-lasting health benefits.

We also have a members area once students have joined the BCCMA to access a resource of materials to help increase the understanding and practice of ATJQ. A monthly subscription with passwords is issued once confirmation of payment has been made.

Theory work is given at workshops and practice sessions during the year, which incorporates acupuncture knowledge regarding exercises like the Five Animal Frolics, Eight pieces of Brocade and other various health maintaining sets.

Although  the above forms the basis, but we also instruct the following:

  • Tai Ji Ball
  • Bang
  • Ruler

People say there are no aerobic exercises in Tai Ji Quan.

Anyone who joins our classes, that although we are not a boot camp you should find out how untrue that remark is!